Jesús M. García

Jesús M. García


Jesús is a professional Spanish photographer based in Toledo, his family has always been linked to the world of photography.

Nowadays, Jesús travels around the world looking for the best possible light for photography. In this quest, Jesús discovered the Northern Lights in 2013. Since then, he has been captivated by them and has become in an “Aurora Borealis chaser”.

His landscape photographs have been awarded prizes all over world in different international photo contest as the Trierentberg Super Circuit, The Al-thani awards for photography, The International Epson Pano Awards, The International Photography Awards, Digital Photo World, Siena International Photo Awards, etc…

His work has also been published in different magazines and newspapers in Europe such as Digital Photo Magazine, Camerapixo, Bao Magazine among others. His photographs are being used by different commercial brands, as Microsoft, BBC, Yahoo, etc

He organises around Spain teaching very innovative post-processing techniques that he has been refining for 20 years.

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